A 20-Year Dream Realized with a Knowledgeable Tech Partner

Learn how Our Companions Animal Rescue turned their dream into a reality by choosing Now IT Works to manage their technology. They’re now celebrating 20 years of growth including the successful completion of  a 47-acre animal sanctuary and rehabilitation center with 35 staff members and over 400 volunteers. 

non-profit IT client testimonial

It wouldn't happen with a national tech firm

A couple of things regarding our decision to stay with Now IT Works so long. For one thing our downtime is little, which means we trust your service. Second, you've helped with our planning. We can give you an idea and you'll come back with an honest answer because you know our business so well.

And we really like working with a local company. I'm sure there are national providers, but the relationship was built over time, creating value. That wouldn't happen with a national firm.

What's the most tangible thing you've received from Now IT Works?

As you know, during the last decade, we've been developing 47 acres of land complete with canine and feline cottages plus our headquarters. We were desperate for innovative technology solutions. You moved our business to the cloud and gave us a new phone system. That meant I could stop transcribing every message by hand, which saved me multiple hours per week. You assisted with the infrastructure in the cottages ensuring the animals would be safe. You've also helped us with IT budgeting.

Susan Linker, CEO, Our Companions Animal Rescue

How do we provide peace of mind?

We were initially concerned about this new type of cloud communication. But I feel that Now IT Works helped us to make a smart decision which allows us to keep all of our locations connected with one system.

What are 3 things that come to mind when you think of our service?

You're trustworthy, knowledgeable, and friendly. Your helpdesk is staffed with real people who know our names and care about our mission.

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