IT for Manufacturing

Get the Support that Reduces Downtime and Increases Productivity

Leverage Our Virtual CIO

What do we mean by a Virtual Chief Information Officer? Well, your manufacturing company juggles multiple business issues every day. Moreover, many things that slow you down can be addressed with creative technology solutions. Chris is that creative, tech-driven, business consultant and project manager. He will review your processes and help you put protocols (and sometimes new technology) in place – to resolve your most pressing issues. 

Our manufacturing clients call on Chris in the following instances:

  • We want to expand our market share or product line with the most efficient use of current or new talent and resources 
  • Our team can’t fulfill orders quickly because of errors in communication or other technology issues on the shop floor
  • We can’t find skilled labor or turnover is high
  • Our team does not have the training to implement new technology
  • We have an ERP or we’re looking to purchase a new one, but not sure we’re making the right decision or using the current one to best advantage
  • We can’t keep up with our customers’ growing demands to have an “Amazon experience” 
  • We’re concerned about compliance and security threats

Leverage Our Help Desk

A disruption means tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue for your manufacturing firm. Get in touch with our CT-based help desk during business hours to have issues handled swiftly and efficiently. Plus, our support team keeps you in the loop, so you know when to expect a resolution. Free up your in-house team to focus on your operations. 

Our manufacturing clients call our help desk when they: 

  • Have a pressing problem with their technology (software glitches, network access, login, printer, data recovery, data sharing, email issue, etc.)
  • Face a nagging repeat issue (our support team is great at catching these and reducing repeat issues when they arise)
  • Need a long-term solution or fix that our team can put on the project list
local connecticut-based help desk for IT
Chris Meacham, Virtual CIO for Manufacturing Companies in CT

Get Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity

Unfortunately, cybercriminals stand to make too much profit by targeting your manufacturing company to be deterred. A direct cost benefit analysis tells them that you have valuable, proprietary information that they can ransom or post online. 

Moreover, growing threats result in increasing compliance requirements. These requirements mean that a breach will likely shut down your manufacturing operation for too long. That’s why we treat your cybersecurity a top initiative.  

Chris advises manufacturing clients on the following standard and high-level security compliance measures:

  • Multi-Factor-Authentication (best practices and ease of use)
  • Anti-virus software
  • Patching 
  • Email spam filters and policies 
  • Ransomware protection
  • Zero-trust policies