Business Continuity

Why Business Continuity Matters for Your Small Business

  • Peace of mind that your data will be accessible and that you’ll be able to communicate during a disaster

  • Knowledge that your systems will stay up and running during a disaster (IT-related or natural)

Specific Features

  • Redundancy (e.g., having more than one internet connection)
  • Planned “fire drills” and staff training
  • Built-in cybersecurity defense

What is Business Continuity?

After living through a pandemic, most of us have a better understanding of business continuity. It means your business will continue to function normally despite a potential business disruption–or disaster. 

How might a power outage cause a disruption in your daily business production? 

How would your company conduct business in the face of a power outage? 

Is your staff trained to keep your systems running during such an event? 

Life throws curve balls. But your clients expect service regardless. 

When we plan, we gain peace of mind. That’s where strategic managed IT services comes in. We plan ahead for disasters that could disrupt or even shut your business down. 

How do we provide business continuity?

We use cloud computing and software to ensure that you can access files and email from anywhere. For example, if Office 365 goes down, you’ll still be able to email your clients. 

With redundancy built in (constant off-site backups with per-user restoration) you’ll feel confident. We also train your employees to handle such events. 

Now IT Works also offers premium Connecticut-based support. 

How Does Business Continuity Differ from Disaster Recovery?

Business continuity focuses on keeping your business running during a disaster. Alternatively, disaster recovery focuses on data recovery after a disaster. 

Typically, disaster recovery requires creating a plan to resume normal business operations. For example, fire or flood might impact your physical operations or hardware. Then you would need to have your technology restored. 

  • Fully managed backup
  • File restoration capability per user
  • Scheduled recovery plan

Retaining our services means you’ll have a virtual CIO in your corner–someone to keep IT running. 

Are you a growing small business?

Small businesses need business continuity to have peace of mind

Set up your free consultation to learn about how we can keep your systems up and running in the event of a disaster.

Your new virtual CIO will ask you about your most valuable data and how you do business each day. 

You’ll be able to keep your eye on data analysis and growth strategies knowing that we’ve got IT covered. 

The Current Situation

In 2020 attacks on small businesses like yours increased by over 500%. We use the latest technology to keep your business secure. 

  • Strong Malware Detection
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Secure Single Sign-On

How can you prevent phishing and cyberattacks?

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