Security and Compliance

Why Security Matters for Your Small Business

  • Gain peace of mind that your data will remain intact

  • Realize convenience by implementing the latest security technology

Most business owners would rather spend money on technology that increases productivity and efficiency. Now IT Works agrees. That’s why we built cybersecurity into our managed IT services package. 

Think of us as your virtual CIO–a real extension of your team without the overhead costs. 

In a time when cyber actors threaten to steal our data daily, this is an essential piece of doing business. But cybersecurity done right can help your business become more efficient. 

Cybersecurity vs. Convenience

Cybersecurity and convenience don’t necessarily go together. For example, a strict email monitoring system might hinder your ability to communicate with outside vendors. And maintaining a “trusted” vs. “non-trusted” list of vendors can be tricky.

So, what can be done? 

Now IT Works understands that small businesses need to access and share their data, and occasionally download new software. Here’s how we solve the problem of cybersecurity vs. convenience. 

  • We use multi-factor authentication (MFA) along with single sign on solutions–to streamline your access to all files, software, and applications. 

  • Innovation. We look on the bright side and use cybersecurity as a way to look for innovative solutions that increase productivity. 

  • Often automated technology tools can decrease the number of required steps–freeing up resources. 

  • We educate you so you can align your business practices and communications with your new security protocols. 

Security in a Cloud-Based Environment 

These days most small businesses have adopted cloud-based software and applications. That said, if the cloud version of software functions so differently that it would disrupt your operations, then we’d recommend that you consider using your current system. 


Email still rules as the preferred way for businesses to communicate. 

What would you do if Office 365 went offline? 

Now IT Works has backup solutions that allow you to continue emailing in such an event. 

When it comes to security in the cloud, redundancy and scalability are built in. 

Redundancy & Off-Site Backup

This is what allows us to recover data since it’s highly unlikely that every backup of your data (in multiple locations) would be destroyed at the same time. 


Cloud based email, such as Office 365, means you can grow without purchasing additional servers, hardware, or pricey upgrades. 

Data Storage and File Sharing

This matters to you. No business can afford to lose data. With continuous backups and restoration capabilities, you can have peace of mind. 

When it comes to sharing files, we have to ramp up security protocols. As an organization, you have to decide on your policies and procedures around data. Of course, we can help to guide you based on how you interact with your clients and team.

Security Updates

Having a managed IT service means we take the guesswork out of updates, minimizing risk and disruption of your business. 

Cybersecurity Training 

Now IT Works trains your team and provides you with the resources to train others. 

If you work in an industry that follows certain compliance protocols, it’s a good idea to update training and procedures annually. 

Would you rather spend on productivity tools?

The right cybersecurity solutions can actually make your small business more productive.

Great news. We built cybersecurity into our strategy, which makes small businesses like yours more efficient.

We combine MFA with other technology solutions so you can access your data and software anywhere anytime–with peace of mind. 

Your new virtual CIO will ask you about that data that matters most to your business. Then we’ll figure out how your team does business to build a tailored managed IT package. 

Of course, you’ll need to make decisions about how you need to do business and communicate with your team, clients, and other vendors. 

We can offer advice once you have a basic roadmap. 

And we’ll be there when you need us. With a Connecticut-based help desk, you’ll be able to get quicker resolutions to problems and timely updates. 

How can you prevent phishing and cyberattacks?

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