Cloud Strategies

Why Cloud Strategy Matters for Your Small Business

  • With the right cloud strategy, you’ll gain flexibility and security while working from anywhere on any device

Specific Features

  • Enhanced cybersecurity
  • Compliance infrastructure
  • No hassle – scale up or down 
  • Hybrid feature – extension of on-site infrastructure
  • Maximum bandwidth/connectivity
  • Full data protection 

How does the right cloud strategy work?

You want to scale your business in the most convenient and cost-effective way. We use cloud technology to help you do that and elevate your cybersecurity. 

Configured properly, the cloud offers more security than a physical network. Part of the reason is that we can build redundancy in by backing up your data off-site in multiple locations. Files can be restored at the click of a button. 

Why is the cloud the smart business choice? 

It’s more convenient. We find that when teams collaborate, it’s easy to misplace data. Naturally, temporary panic ensures. “Where’s our stuff?” We help you avoid the panic–with solutions that allow you to easily search for files and restore them when necessary. 

Cloud Security and Scalability

Most businesses have adopted cloud-based applications and software. However, we do sometimes recommend that companies continue to use locally installed software–especially when the cloud counterpart functions very differently. 

Cloud Email 

Email continues to be the preferred way for businesses to communicate. 


  • Scalability – With cloud-based email services, such as Microsoft 365, your team can grow efficiently. Why? You won’t need additional servers, hardware, or costly upgrades. 

  • Security – Cloud-based email providers have redundancy built in- meaning data recovery is easier. They also offer minimal security filters, updates, and patches. However, Now IT Works offers more robust cybersecurity scanning, filtering, and data recovery.  

Data Storage and File Sharing

This one really matters. No small business can afford to lose data. The cloud storage system that we offer makes it nearly impossible to lose your data–with built-in continuous backups and restoration capabilities. 

Sometimes it’s necessary to share files with someone outside of your organization or collaborate with another team member on a project. Our file storage solution makes integration easy and has one of the most robust file search tools available. 

Off-site Backup

In the world of cybersecurity, redundancy matters. That’s why cloud-based file storage and backups offer a greater level of security. When we store in multiple off-site locations, your business is almost guaranteed continuity. 

Security Updates

Now IT Works takes the guesswork out of security updates. We perform these updates automatically during off hours for minimal disruption. 

How can the cloud help your business?

The right cloud strategy can really help your small business grow and keep your data safe.

Set up your free consultation to see how the cloud can take your business and team to the next level.

Wondering what is the cloud and is it really safe?

Listen to President, Chris Meacham, discuss the cloud here.

Let’s break it down. The cloud is simply a  marketing term. It means businesses pay someone to host their data somewhere else.

A giant computer–somewhere–filled with stuff and blinking lights accepts your data. 

So, where’s your cloud? Perhaps it’s in Detroit or California. Or a whole bunch of other places. 

The cloud lets you work from anywhere. But is it secure? 

Yes, because when your data is stored in multiple locations, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll lose it. If there’s a disaster in Detroit, we fire up California. 

What about passwords? 

No one likes passwords. The absolute best thing you can do is to use Muti-Factor Authentication (MFA) along with a one login solution that stores all your passwords so that you don’t have to jot them down somewhere. 

Let’s talk more about your business goals and what’s working and what’s not in your current business model. Then we can use the right combination of cloud and security technology. 

Work from anywhere, at any time. 

How can you prevent phishing and cyberattacks?

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