IT for RIAs and CFPs

Get out of the weeds and back to focusing on your business

Chris Meacham, Virtual CIO for Manufacturing Companies in CT

Implement Process with Your Own VCIO

You have the people. You may have even developed the process. The difficulty often arises in the implementation of the process. 

Also, you probably have a relationship with a broker-dealer that provides basic services including a client portal, email, and integrations with your software. What you don’t receive is support and strategy. 

That where our virtual CIO comes in. We strategize IT for our clients similarly to how you strategize security for your clients. 

Meet twice a year or every quarter. You choose how much strategy you need to get to where you want to go.  Plan and execute with peace of mind. 

  • Develop a disaster recovery plan. What “if” no longer cuts it in highly regulated industries. We have to plan for the worst while mitigating your risk at the same time.  
  • Plan for growth with the right technology roadmap
  • Gain security awareness with our yearly training 
  • Get more productive. Do you have software integrations set up? Should you? Does that data make sense? Working with our CIO cuts through the technology mess and gets you back to business. 

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Is there anything worse than wasting time with annoying IT issues when you need to get back to growing your business? But every business requires technology, which means you have to solve these issues. Now IT Works has the solution. Call or email our helpdesk. 

Like our other clients, you likely have a relationship with a broker dealer who provides a portal and an email address. But what about other IT issues? 

You can’t connect to the printer. A software install did not go as planned. Or your PC isn’t working properly. Perhaps someone new joined your team. You can’t find an important file at 4:45 pm or you’re not sure if you just clicked on a phishing email. These are just a few of the issues our RIA clients call the helpdesk for every week. 

By the way, our helpdesk is CT-based and answers the phone with a smile every time. They also keep you in the loop when the solution requires more research or a reach out to your software vendor on your behalf. 

  • Rest assured with our proactive IT. This is the really important behind-the-scenes stuff. Do you feel secure because you have anti-virus? But what about patching? What about monitoring your PC and checking your logs for potential issues? Don’t worry. Our team has all that unpleasant stuff covered. 
  • Save time with our proactive attitude. When we notice a repeat issue, we’ll try to fix the root cause to reduce downtime. Time is potential. 
  • Reduce headaches. Most of the time, we can remote into your PC saving you hours. However, the advantage of being local is that our team can be onsite when needed. 

How Safe Is Your Client Data?

Working in a highly regulated financial industry causes a lot of stress for any business leader. You may have anti-virus software. If you’re ahead of the game, you might have already begun using two-factor authentication. 

However, that is not enough. Criminals stand to make too much from stealing your data. And they’re attacking small businesses at an alarming rate. The Now IT Works’s motto is two-fold. Be proactive to avoid being reactive. But also prepare for disaster to minimize downtime and protect your assets. 

Chris advises manufacturing clients on the following standard and high-level security compliance measures:

  • Multi-Factor-Authentication (best practices and ease of use)
  • One password solution 
  • Anti-virus software
  • Patching 
  • Email spam filters and policies 
  • Ransomware protection
  • Zero-trust policies 
  • Security training 

Always Quick. Always Patient. Always a Solution.