15 Years of Growth with the Right Tech Partner

See how Odyssey Advisors Inc., partnering with Now IT Works, grew from a solopreneur with a computer and printer
to the thriving national financial services firm they are today.

CT Client Testimonial Parker Elmore

We could have been hanging by a string

With regard to technology changes, we'd be figuring some things out...perhaps using file storage like Dropbox. We could manage, but it would be very disappointing.

When you're trying to portray yourself as a professional company with baling wire, you can keep it together, but you're hanging by a string.

What specifically has kept you loyal to Now IT Works?

It's a combination of things. In terms of running my business, I can focus on that instead of all this other IT stuff. But more importantly from an infrastructure standpoint, it enables our business to run regardless of where we are because of continuity - built in redundancy and disaster recovery.

How do we provide peace of mind?

I get about 150 legitimate emails per day. If you guys weren't blocking the scams I'd get 1000 to sort through. The bad guys are out there. They only have to be right once and I have to be right every time. Preventing me from having the opportunity to do something stupid has immense value.

What's the most tangible thing you've recieved?

You're a technology resource that I get reliable answers from. For example, if I wanted a new computer, I'd go out and buy any one. Then we'd end up with a very disjointed environment. You make our tech more systematic.

Sectors We Serve

Better technology solutions for your manufacturing business

Manufacturing Firms

As a manufacturer you know that downtime means money. We work well with manufacturers because we value process as much as you do. We make sure your systems are not only running, but also smoothly and efficiently.

non-profit organizations benefit from managed it services

Non-Profit Organizations

Since the founding of Now IT Works, we've helped non-profits further their mission. With our guidance, your organization will continue to grow and benefit your community without technology problems to hold you back.

Registered Investment Advisors

You probably partner with a broker dealer who provides a technology package. However, we have found that a technology gap exists. Often, you may not be aware of it. But it could hinder your sales, marketing, and security efforts.