The Secret to Protecting Your Data Guide

This guide will help your small business far beyond cybersecurity

  • Develop internal systems that will make your operations smoother and secure your data in the process. 

Cyber actors infiltrate small businesses each day. While we can offer a lot of technical guidance, it’s the internal policies and awareness that make all the difference. 

What are small businesses’ most vulnerable entry point? Their team. 

Naturally most of us think, “That won’t happen to us.” But consider the following story. 

Imagine your team member, Emily, who usually monitors all outside emails carefully. Last week, she flagged several as spam. However, one particular day Emily receives a call from her bank that someone has tried to access her bank account. Later that day, coincidentally, she also receives an email that appears to be from her bank–asking Emily to validate her account information. Thinking that this must be a security follow-up, she clicks on the link. Emily’s computer is now infected with ransomware and everyone’s files are in jeopardy. 

Intelligent people have lapses in judgement each day. That’s why you need a plan in place to prevent ransomware. 

You’ve already worked on your HR policies. Keep going and make sure your IT policies for onboarding and deactivation serve your small business. 

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The secret to protecting your most valuable small business data.

This guide comes from many years helping our clients develop secure working environments.

Your new security strategy always begins with us asking you the right questions. 

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How can you prevent phishing and cyberattacks?

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