Managed IT Solution for Solopreneurs

Get managed It services for solopreneurs.

Most solopreneurs can’t tap into a managed IT resource. For one simple reason: it’s cost prohibitive. After 20 years of speaking to small business owners, some of them solopreneurs, we realized that your business could really benefit from these services.

Does a solution exist? Not yet! However, we are developing a unique IT service package for solopreneurs like you.

As all small business owners, you have concerns about the security of your data and technology systems. Like most, you might already use anti-virus software, a VPN, a cloud-based file storage platform, and even a password management program.

And you hope that all these separate pieces will do the job of keeping your business running and safe.

Now, imagine having an all-in-one solution that will do all these tasks, but more securely. Our affordable product has been developed by a CIO who understands your specific challenges.

Benefits for your small business

  • Get peace of mind knowing that your data is truly secure
  • Save time with single sign-on solutions and secure password management
  • Obtain convenience and security at a cost close to what you pay now
  • Give your clients a better experience when sharing information or collaborating
Sound like an IT solution that could take your small business to the next level? We’re testing the beta version with real solopreneurs just like you. In the meantime, sign-up for launch updates below. 
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