Automation Solutions

Why Automation Solutions Matter for Your Small Business

  • Realize the greatest return on investment for your technology dollar

  • Make the easy stuff easy (get paid on time with minimal hassle)

  • Hire people for success–not to do the job technology can do automatically

  • Align your technology with your customers’ expectations

What are automation solutions? 

As a business leader, you’ve probably switched software at some point out of the realization that things could be done better. The logic is that if you switch platforms, you’ll save money in the long run since systems will run more optimally and productivity will increase. 

However, you’ve invested time and resources in your current systems. So, if they’re only functioning at 80% capacity, you owe it to yourself to get creative with the last 20%.

How do you get paid? Does your team collect checks and keep them for days? 

Or do you have an e-commerce website that collects credit card information incorrectly? 

For example, we’ve had clients who had to call their customers for the CVV number after the transaction due to a technology glitch. This slows your payment process down, causes you to use team resources to contact the customer, and it makes your company look disorganized in the process. 

Do you use outdated versions of software because you’re a little skeptical of the updated versions? 

To illustrate, you might be using version 5 of an application. However, version 8 exists. Software engineers update these applications based on customer feedback. While there might be features that you won’t use, there will also likely be improvements. 

How does this work to help your business? What took your team 5 steps to do might be possible in only one step. 

Untapped resources exist within your company. Now IT Works will help you tap in. No reason to throw good money after bad. 


How to find more efficient methods with automation solutions

  • Are you aware of how efficiently your team operates? Do they follow outdated processes that may be holding your organization back?

  • Do you have an office administrator to keep track of software updates

  • Our virtual CIO will review your processes with your office admin and look for how you might improve. 

  • Often automated solutions technology tools can decrease the number of required steps–freeing up resources. 

Are you a growing small business?

Why automation solutions matter for your small business

Set up your free consultation to see how automation solutions can take your business and team to the next level. 

Your new virtual CIO will ask you specific questions to identify points at which automation can improve your team’s productivity. 


How can you prevent phishing and cyberattacks?

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