What Should You Do When Your IT Support Team Changes?


Get great IT Support for your small Connecticut business

Whether you have an in-house or outsourced IT team, you’ve probably realized that there is high turnover in the IT industry. To cope with that, many small businesses have outsourced IT services to a managed service provider (MSP). At least that way they don’t endure the constant hassle of hiring and training new IT personnel.

Turnover Affects External MSPs as Well

News media have reported for some time that the IT industry has a shortage of trained personnel worldwide. Why the shortage? People who study computer science typically avoid support positions in favor of more lucrative software development positions.

That shortage has resulted in high turnover for MSPs as their employees gain experience and take advantage of other opportunities.

So, although you have outsourced managing your IT operations, you will likely encounter different support persons throughout your relationship with your MSP.

Changes in the Level of IT Support

You might ask yourself the following list of questions:

  • When your MSP’s support team changes, do you notice any changes in the level of support?
  • Do team members appear to be familiar with your business’s IT profile?
  • Do team members reflect different areas of expertise?
  • What about communication with you or your employees?
  • Do current team members provide the same or better level of attention to your concerns?
  • If you detect any decline in the level of service provided, you should reach out to your account manager. (Do you have an account manager?)

Keeping Things on Track with Your IT Support Team

While your MSP should communicate regularly with you, especially when addressing an issue or problem, you should not wait until a problem arises to get in touch with them. If there have been changes in the composition of the team, talk with your MSP before the house is on fire.

Make sure that you establish early on the kind of service that you need for your business and what you expect to receive. You might also discuss what is reasonable to expect from your MSP.

With clear, frequent communication, things will continue to run smoothly. Contact us to get the most out of your support team or establish a proactive IT support relationship today.