Cyber Resilience for Small Businesses

Practice Cyber Resilience in 2022

Benefits Up Front

  • Want to know where to put your money for 2022? According to some investment pundits, companies devoted to building cyber resilience will be among the top performers.
  • That’s because the size, intensity, and frequency of cyber threats will continue to grow in 2022.
    Cyber actors (often called “hackers”) are finding that engaging in ransomware and extortion is increasingly lucrative. Their ability to penetrate commonly installed defenses grows in relation to changes in how we do business.

For example, it has now become clear that remote work, to some degree, is here to stay. Businesses and their clients have become accustomed to obtaining services or products from anywhere and at any time. Securing a perimeter around a physical location such as an office is a rapidly fading concept. And that means that the entire Internet of Things (IoT) now becomes the new “perimeter.”

As our clients become more aware of the consequences to them of cyber attacks, privacy concerns will increasingly drive clients away from insecure businesses—especially small businesses who might be perceived as lacking the means to protect against cyber actors.

Practice Cyber Resilience

In response, savvy businesses are beginning to think about building cyber resilience—not just a defense against attack, but an ongoing, proactive approach that results in both greater security and improved convenience for their internal team and their clients.

Cyber resilience will include the following basic features, at minimum:

Focusing on identifying and securing business-impacting data
Continual training and enlisting the help of employees to spot new attempts of cyber actors to breach networks
Outsourcing cybersecurity operations to experts whose main business is to keep abreast of emerging trends and manage a business security and recovery plan
Increasing use of automated systems that enhance security and improve convenience for workers and clients

More than ever, small businesses need to become resilient against cyber actors. And as the threats become more sophisticated and frequent, business owners would be wise to enlist the help of experts. Now IT Works can help your Connecticut business or organization become cyber resilient. Contact us to scale your small business today.