Outsource Your IT Support

Wondering if you should outsource your It support? Read on to discover the advantages.

  • When you think about managed IT services, you probably wonder about getting better IT support. Perhaps that’s because the language of “help desk” is so ingrained that people speak of IT services and support in one breath.
  • But is support really the issue?

Why You Should Outsource Your IT Support

Wondering if you should outsource your IT support?

You might have heard that managed IT services will provide great IT support. To remind yourself how important IT support is, try operating your business for one day without any computer or communications technology. Try it for one hour. How much will you get done?

All our businesses now depend on technology to boost productivity and convenience. And to do that, our systems must keep running smoothly. But the unexpected happens. Everyone experiences relatively minor interruptions, even total downtime on occasion.

Here are just a few examples that can turn a morning or afternoon into a nightmare.

  • Aging or slow-working IT systems (hardware and software)
  • Password issues
  • Hardware not connected properly or unplugged
  • Error messages proclaiming system failure or frozen software
  • Poor judgment regarding online safety resulting in malware infection
  • Too many employees with access to sensitive information

When (not if) these things happen, a simple reboot is unlikely to do the job. And that’s when many typically call the “help desk” firefighters.

Budget Impact of Time Employees Spend on IT Issues

Robert Half Technology conducted a 2016 survey on how many minutes per day employees lose due to technology issues. The mean response was 22 minutes per day. That doesn’t look so bad until you run some more numbers, as we did.

22 minutes/day x 5 days/week x 50 weeks/year = 5,500 minutes or 91.67 hours/year

If your average hourly wage per employee is $30 per hour, then

Cost of lost time = 91.67 hours/year x $30/hour = $2,750/year per employee

For 10 employees, that equals $27,500 every year in lost time.

For hourly employees whom you expect to generate revenue 1.5 times their wages, the projected cost increases.

Projected revenue cost = 91.67 hours per year x $45 per hour = $4,125 per employee

Total annual cost of lost time + projected lost revenue = $6,876 per employee

For 10 employees, total cost per year will amount to $68,760

Of course, it is not so easy to quantify the cost of lost time and projected lost revenue for salaried employees. Still, it makes sense to have more highly paid salaried staff working on creative solutions for your business while your IT systems hum along reliably and securely in the background.

But what if IT support isn’t the real issue? What if lack of a strategic approach to IT issues is the underlying culprit?

A Strategic Approach to Outsource Your IT Support

At Now IT Works, we know from over 20 years of experience that most IT disasters can be prevented before they happen.

For example, all clients want to keep their data intact. Yet, clients who use a G-drive Windows file server often reach out with the same problem each month. “Help. We’ve lost a folder, or someone has deleted it. Can you tell us who, and where it is now?”

Of course, their data still exists somewhere. But the method of locating it and the culprit, without an efficient audit log can be daunting. Understandably, business owners and leaders freak out a bit in this scenario.

So, what’s the solution?

Store all files in a cloud file system with a robust audit log where every action can be viewed by a manager—no IT help desk needed. This cloud file system is also more secure since it has built-in ransomware protection. With the click of a button “Ransomware Protect,” a manager can restore all files instantaneously before any breach or loss had occurred.

That’s the sort of managed IT strategy that provides real peace of mind and elevates your business.

Moreover, we’re all more concerned these days about careful budgeting. When it comes to getting the most out of your IT budget, we have the secret solution.

Pay more for less support. Yes, you read that right.

Why do we suggest that you should pay more for less? The answer is simple. With our strategic, preventive, proactive plan, you and your employees will actually become more productive and spend more time generating revenue. If you have in-house IT people, they can work more creatively in helping others tackle projects that are unique to your business.

Does Now IT Works provide support? Of course, we do. We provide Connecticut-based, prompt, friendly, and personal support whenever needed (not merely some robotic response). However, we aim not to support you very often. Rather, we aim to reduce the number of IT issues that you face significantly so that you won’t need to ask for support as often as in the past.

Knowing that our systems will keep you running smoothly and safely will give you the peace of mind to do what you do best: run your business.

For ideas about how we can help you get the most out of your IT budget, contact us. We’ll give you the support you deserve!

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