Your Cybersecurity Budget Decoded

Your small business cybersecurity budget and plan decoded

Does Our Small Business Need a Cybersecurity Budget?

Many small business owners have ignored their cybersecurity budget in favor of other priorities. So, do small businesses really need a security budget? And if so, how should they go about it?

Unfortunately, reliable answers regarding a cybersecurity budget appear somewhat fluid. That’s due to the increasing number and scale of data breaches and other threats.

Mostly, we find that small businesses budget too little to protect against today’s cyber threats and maintain ease of operations.

Our experience shows that a typical cybersecurity budget for a small business amounts to around $110 – $140 per user or about 40-50% of a business’s total IT budget (excluding hardware, software, and licensing). Why so much?

Recommended Budget Plan Based on Security and Convenience

Further, we usually recommend that the following items be included in cybersecurity plans for small organizations.

  1. Email Security (Includes advanced filtering, encryption, authentication)
  2. Firewall (Shields against malware, blocks unsafe URLs)
  3. Zero Trust PC (Tightly restricts access to specific apps)
  4. Zero Trust Internet Access (Tightly restricts internet access)
  5. Anti-Virus (scans and removes malicious code/viruses)
  6. Training (Promotes safe practices and alerts staff to new threats)

Estimated Total Monthly Cost per User: $110 – $140

While your security budget might be a percentage of your total IT budget, it can also be purchased per user. You’ll want to think about access and capabilities needed too.

Based on 20 years of helping small businesses in New England, we have found that it is better to tailor a cybersecurity plan for each one. That way, we can help your team decide the most appropriate configuration…for convenience and security within a realistic cybersecurity budget.

Ultimately, you have to decide how much you’ll invest to protect your most valuable data. We’re here to back you up when you need us. Please get in touch to upgrade your IT. Or set up a FREE consultation with Chris, today.