Why You Need a Mentor

You don’t know what you don’t know.

And that’s why you need a mentor.

Shortest blog post ever!

There are plenty of other reasons why you should have a mentor:

  • They act as a sounding board
  • They are someone you can vent to who is not your spouse, colleague, client, subordinate
  • They are someone who will listen and who wants you to be better and prosper (not your spouse, colleague, etc.)

You would not be where you are now if you hadn’t had these folks in your earlier life, why not now – when you are on your own running your business?

Three Things Mentors Have Helped Me With:

  1. I’m capable of more than I allow myself to think. With the ups and downs, gutters and strikes of being in business for yourself, it’s easy to get a few gutters and feel like the whole world is falling in on you.
  2. I’ve got more accomplished than I thought I had. As a business owner, I am close to my business sometimes it’s difficult to see all that I’ve accomplished.
  3. Keep you Accountable. A good mentor can allow you to vent during your mentoring session, sometimes that’s just what is needed. A great mentor is going to allow you to vent, and then bring you back to reality and hold you accountable.

There are industry-based mentors, and groups that are industry agnostic. Join the industry one to talk more about things going on in your world. Join the agnostic group to get an idea of what other industries and people are doing.

If you need a mentor: Find one now. If you need help, reach out to me.