7 Ways to Use the Nonprofit Security Grant

NonProfits of Connecticut  – you have a unique advantage that ends within 30 days.

The Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection has a total of $5 million allocated for reimbursement to nonprofit organizations throughout the state for costs associated with implementing needed security infrastructure improvements.

This is huge – because in our current situation, the hackers and evil doers are living up on the fear we have.

This is a perfect opportunity for your organization to:

– see where the risk is
– get funding to reduce the risk

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Here is a list of possible security improvements that could fall within this NonProfit Security Grant Program.

1 Make your Team More Secure

Give your people 10-15 minutes of training every quarter and they will be more security aware. And, just for good measure, send them a test email once a month and see who passes and who clicks. Plenty of ways to reintroduce good security practices for your people who are on the front lines of your technology where they are most susceptible.

2 Stop emails ‘pretending’ to me someone from your office

Your people are being tested daily on emails both spam (timewasters) and real threats (phishing). Companies have lost real money due to really well crafted emails made to trick someone who might click. In addition to the training listed above, consider adding protection to reduce fake company emails (also known as spoofing).

3 Make your logins easier and reduce passwords

Everyone hates passwords, which is why you may consider using just one. Using your current list of users, connect them to your web applications using a single password under a single policy. Reduce the headache, the impossible to correct password logic people have and simplify your login process.

4 Allow your computers to only run the programs absolutely necessary

In the many areas in which bad things can happen to your computer, having bad problems get on your computer is really low on the list. The big problem is when that bad problem is activated. Instead, configure your systems to run only programs that are known to the organization – bad programs can never run.

5 Backup your data offsite

Perhaps you’ve been putting off using an offsite storage system and still are doing it by hand. Consider investing in an offsite data storage. Better yet…

6 Move to a cloud based file system

Storing data locally on a server nowadays is inefficient, not convenient, usually not secure and requires maintenance. Use a web based file system to store, sync, share your data and have more control, more recovery options and you don’t have to plug anything in.

7 Make your office environment available from anywhere

HVAC, electrical outlets, lights can all be controlled from anywhere if you have the right equipment. Maybe you need a new phone system. You could now replace the old video system with network controlled cameras. Think about replacing the old key locks with a fob system, or add the buzzer to the front door.

If you want to find out more about this grant and how you could use it in your organization, schedule a remote introduction with one of our Non Profit IT Directors.