How important is experience to your customer?

Is there anything more validating than a customer saying this?

Sure, the check coming in or being cashed is wonderful and it’s expected after a positive experience.  If you really smile when you hear that one of your clients had a positive experience, this is for you.

The U.S. Small Business Administration released their annual report, Top Business Trends and I was excited to read that customer experience was the overall theme.


Who Will Pay More For a Great Experience?

According to a recent survey, 82% of businesses will.  Now picture this, through the pandemic, customers of all kinds are being introduced to new ways to engage with their customers – even the pizza place up the street from me has gotten in the game with an app.  For a pizza!

Here’s the deal – regardless of the product or service your company is selling, every customer wants a great experience.  Today, people are ‘amazon-ified’ and ‘netflix-ified’.  Those services changed our lives, and why would the business world be any different?

This is a quick read – 2 or 3 minutes and worth your time.



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