Press Release: Now IT Works Responds to COVID-19

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Now IT Works Responds to COVID-19: Some Companies Scrambled During the Pandemic, But Now IT Works Keeps It Together

East Hampton, Connecticut, October 15, 2020 – Now IT Works is out solving a problem in the tech world during this global pandemic and is certainly making a name for themselves. When COVID-19 hit, this set a chain reaction for many companies. It was companies like Fiderio & Sons from Meriden, Connecticut, who didn’t know what to do. What could they do in a time like this to keep their business up and running safely?

Owner John Fiderio sought out the help of IT firm Now IT Works and instantly connected with CEO Chris Meacham. What could this home improvement company do to become virtually connected?

John was used to working in his business the traditional in-person way and when COVID hit, he didn’t know what to do. John and Chris worked together to find a solution to make Fiderio & Sons remote. Now IT Works got Fiderio & Sons setup to become remotely connected. With all the tools already setup, the transition was simple for John and Chris saved the day.

In addition to Fiderio & Sons, Now IT Works had to come up with a solution for their own company. Would they do daily or weekly meetings? There were many options that they could come up with and the sky was the limit. The company took to the challenge of COVID and turned it into something positive: they created a virtual environment.

With digital platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom, the company was able to stay well connected. Each morning, the team gets together on Teams and discusses their plans for the day. Each person knows about each ticket in the system and knows their schedules. Even Public Relations Assistant Nicole Zappone joins to keep connected with her co-workers.

According to a survey done by Clutch, a B2B ratings and review platform, 66% of U.S. employees are working remotely at least part-time.

“When COVID hit, we didn’t miss a beat and we talk about what the day looks like. When all of this happened, we went online,” said, Chris Meacham, CEO of Now IT Works. “Because we’re working remotely, and didn’t miss a beat, do we have to go back to working in person?”

Now IT Works has been virtual since the beginning of the pandemic and has been going strong. Clients of the business have complete access to staff at their service should they need assistance. To learn more about Now IT Works, visit

About Now IT Works: Now IT Works is a technology company in East Hampton, that provides IT services to businesses which include managed IT services, and computer and network support.