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Our Companions Animal Sanctuary Hosts Online Fundraiser and Saves Their Budget: How A Non-Profit Saved 2/3 Of Funding

Ashford, Connecticut: Our Companions Animal Sanctuary today announced the successful launch of their recent live broadcast fundraiser for their donors. This milestone in a time of uncertainty is a major move for Our Companions that made its mission to raise 2/3 of their yearly funding.

While fundraising is always crucial to keeping the lights on at Our Companions, COVID-19 came at the most challenging time. Each year, Our Companions holds their annual gala, typically at the local country club where they eat, drink, and have presentations. When the tragic of COVID hit, this put Susan Linker, the founder in a place she didn’t know existed.

This situation put her in a place where she didn’t know much about technology and how she could reach her donors. Susan then reached out to her IT firm, Now IT Works and CEO Chris Meacham came to the rescue. With the help and knowledge of all IT tools, Meacham brought
a tv studio to the sanctuary and worked closely with Susan to create a live broadcast.

“At this point of the year is when we make the most of our donations. It’s in the last quarter that we get about two-thirds of our funding,” says Susan Linker, Chief Executive Officer at Our Companions Animal Sanctuary. “I am so grateful for the coaching and instruction on how to
create a positive engagement.”

During the live broadcast, there was a combination of a live update from key staff people, some pre-recorded videos from staff, and a tour of the Ashford location. The donors expressed how pleased they were with the event afterwards.

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About Now IT Works: Now IT Works is a technology company in East Hampton, that provides IT services to businesses which include managed IT services, and computer and network support.