5 Proactive Strategies to Safeguarding Your Small Business

On average, companies across the globe lose over 400 billion dollars annually due to cybercrime. That’s a huge number that is growing each year. Small businesses often believe themselves to be too small to be at risk of cybercrime; however, small businesses are often the most targeted by hackers.

The reason small businesses are more at risk is that they often lack a security strategy and company-wide security training that can protect and implement security protocol from the ground up.

Don’t let your company fall victim to one of the biggest risks to businesses everywhere – start implementing strategies now to ensure you’re company stays protected.

Here are 5 Proactive Strategies to Safeguarding Your Small Business:


1) Securing Remote Access

Is your network properly secured for work-from-home environments? Without proper security and network access, your employees may unknowingly be putting your company at increased risk when working remotely and on mobile devices.

2) Investing Into Employee Security Awareness Training

How equipped do you think your employees are to deal with malicious emails and websites? Companies are often shocked to find out that many security breaches happen in-house due to clicking on spam emails or failing to use strong, frequently updated passwords. Employee security training is an essential step towards protecting your company from a breach.

3) Never Forgetting Basic Security

Do you and your staff follow basic rules and guidelines to protecting themselves, your customers, property, and data? Not implementing the basic security guidelines means that your security foundation won’t be strong enough to support even the slightest hack or phishing attempt. Don’t forget to keep your software and systems up-to-date. Ensure you are using strong passwords and thinking smart about who you allow into your network.

4) Ensuring You Have Routine Backups

At a minimum, you should have some form of backup plan. At best, you should have a full-fledged Disaster Recovery plan. Simple as that. Backups are great for the occasional “Whoops – I just deleted that folder.” But what about when ransomware runs through your entire server? What about other “I hope that never happens to my office” moments you hear about online? Get a Disaster Recovery plan. Some of our clients today say that their insurance companies are mandating them, this goes to show just how integral it can be for your companies security plan.

5) Consistently Staying Vigilant

Are you and your staff keeping security a top concern? Think about every security guard, stationed at every reception desk in every corporate building. They walk the premises, check locked doors, make sure people are authorized to get in – it’s a continuous cycle of security. Don’t ever let your guard down. Security is a moving target, and someone needs to keep an eye on it, the best way to do this is to ensure there is a strong plan in place and everyone on your team is an active player.

Be proactive against any risk to your companies security by implementing these important strategies today.

If you have concerns about the security of IT system, please reach out to me today.