What is a vCIO and Why Do You Need One? (Previous Version)

My team and I have been spending a lot of time recently with the folks at ReframeYourClients, learning what we already know – that IT has an important place in the org chart.

We are learning about how to position ourselves in a role that doesn’t really get discussed – Chief Information Officer – a necessity in any business.

Since most businesses can’t afford to hire a CIO, folks in my industry are creating the virtual CIO role; an on-demand partner who advises and strategizes with clients for a fixed dollar amount.

IT guys are crucial to the industry – they are the folks that fix problems, and keep the systems running.

But the CIO is crucial to the growth of a business. We bridge the gaps between business and technology. We help mold the IT person to be more efficient and help automate his or her world.

During a conversation with colleagues offering this service, I learned about some of the tools to manage the vCIO role and to help clients visualize the value they are receiving.

  • Strategy Roadmap. This is an annual conversation, where we score the areas of the business. From there, we create a roadmap of items we are going to work on during the coming year.
  • Quarterly Check-Ins. This is a quarterly meet-up that brings us back to our goals for the year and identifies where challenges might be, whether it training, systems, or automation.

Now IT Works clients can look forward to Quarterly Check-Ins coming this year.

Here is a list of ways in which a vCIO role can help your organization:

  • Free your organization from being held hostage by technology
  • Save time and money by automating what you do with costly man hours
  • Get more out of the systems you already use

If interested in trying to find out how a vCIO role can fit into your organization, please reach out to me at [email protected].