How To Think Like a Retailer

It’s not too late. But you are running out of time.

This Friday, November 24, is Black Friday, a shopping holiday aimed giving people the opportunity to work off all that Thanksgiving food by fighting among massive crowds of people for this year’s hottest gifts.

This Saturday, November 25, is Small Business Saturday, a shopping holiday aimed at the businesses up and down all the Main Streets across America.

This coming Monday, November 27, is Cyber Monday, a shopping holiday aimed at getting people to buy things online.

Retailers are focused on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Are you? There is still time if you have not done anything yet.

Take your cue from the Targets, Walmarts, and Best Buys of the world and look at your own products and services. Are there ways you can better promote your offerings? Are you using eBooks, webinars, newsletters, or some other form of information as a magnet to attract new business and let people know more about what you do?

No matter what market you serve or what products you offer, you should always be thinking like a retailer and constantly promoting yourself.

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