Office Relocation IT Planning

There is nothing worse than walking into a conference room, or an office and seeing wires running all over the place. Having to watch where you step, lest you trip and accidentally disconnect everyone in the office from the Internet.

Actually, strike that. There is one thing that is worse. And that is having the chance to avoid having wires running all over the place and not taking advantage of it.

If you have ever bought an office building or are moving into a new office, you make sure to have the proper contractors to do the construction, HVAC, electrical, and flooring so why seek professional office relocation IT planning?

But …

  • Who helps you with the location of the data and voice outlets, and telling you where to put the copier?
  • Who tells the contractor where to put blocking in the wall, because a TV is going to go there?
  • Who asks you about where you want to put the phone in the conference room?
  • Who asks you what you’re going to be broadcasting on the TV in the reception area? In order to figure out if you need a dedicated PC, Chromecast, or just cable?
  • Who asks you where you want and do not want wireless access?

Me. That’s who. I am usually involved in six building moves a year — from simple moves into existing space to complete gutting and renovations of entire office buildings.

Here’s one last question: The desks you picked out allow for better viewing and collaboration, so they are going to be placed in the center of the room. Did the electrician recommend a pole from the ceiling or did talk about a way to come up from the floor with the necessary outlets?

If you are renovating, moving, or just want to get rid of the tangled mess of wires all over your office, ask yourselves these questions. Or drop me an email to discuss.