National Techies Day – Hug a Techie Today

Today is National Techies Day. I know that you probably didn’t need to be reminded of that and you’d already handed out your National Techies’ Day gifts — pocket protectors to everyone in tech support — but just in case you forgot, I wanted to make sure you were reminded.

It’s probably no coincidence that National Techies’ Day falls in October, which just happens to be National Cyber Security Awareness month.

Today, you should hug a techie and thank a techie. If all your devices are locked down and secure, thank a techie. If not, find a techie.

There isn’t anyone whose life isn’t touched by technology on a daily basis. Smartphones, tablets, email, software-as-a-service, cloud-based applications … the list is endless. Technology makes us more efficient and more productive and better connected and more informed.

You don’t think technology is important? Turn off your WiFi router or put your phone in airplane mode for a few hours and see what happens.

But as technology becomes more ubiquitous, it becomes more complex, too. Today’s techies have more systems and networks to keep up and running so find a techie today and buy him or her a sandwich. Consider a downpayment for the next time your email stops working and you need help.

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