Great Marketing Campaigns Start with a Sales Routine

I’m going to tell you a true story that happened to me and my marketing team at the very start of our latest campaign.

We had everything lined up: a great first letter of introduction inside yellow envelopes that were going to grab the attention of the recipients. We recorded an awesome video and put it on a professional landing page. We built a series of drip emails that were going to keep us top of mind, and we had an outside salesperson ready to make calls and start closing deals.

I thought we were good. Scratch that. I thought we were great.

We created a test campaign using a sampling of 50 names on our list. Three days into the campaign, I reached out to our salesperson and inquired about the reaction to the letters. Are people excited? Are they asking questions?

She hadn’t called anyone yet. She didn’t see any new call tasks in her queue.

What? What?? WHAT??

We overlooked one critical step. We forgot to make sure the follow-up calls were assigned to the salesperson.


Looking back on this, there is a lesson to be learned. For everything you are doing, you need to map out all the steps to get to your destination. Here is what I will be doing from now on:

  1. Draw out the entire flow of the campaign.
  2. Identify who is to perform each step
  3. Identify what applications are to be invoked.

One last thing – and this is critical.

Know exactly where your prospects are in the flow. If you were supposed to send out 50 letters, did they get put in the mail? If we are supposed to follow up with someone, did we put their names in the queue? Don’t overlook anything because that is exactly the spot where things will go wrong.

If you want help building a similar routine that will help you close more deals, please reach out to me at [email protected].