Automate Client Onboarding

You’ve reached an agreement with a new new vendor. Does what happens next look familiar?

  1. Print out the Master Services Agreement (because there is no way for me to e-sign it)
  2. Sign my name to the document (with a pen)
  3. Scan it to my email
  4. Forward the email unsecurely (because vendor does not have an encrypted email setup)

In my line of work, it is usually with technology vendors. The ironic part is, these are technology companies not taking advantage of technology.

Then comes the best part – they send me invoices in the mail.

To the list of goals, resolutions or drunken rants you made during the holidays, I want you to add one more item: I (insert name here) promise to automate more tasks, including executing agreements electronically.

As the CEO of a technology company, my biggest pet peeve is signing something. As the owner of a small or medium-size business make it a goal to automate client onboarding, service agreements and the collection of payments.

I recently signed a solar lease for my house, and these guys had it right. Here was the process:

  1. Received an email to go to DocuSign and fill out the form
  2. E-signed the document
  3. Enter the ACH information for my bank account (not ideal, but I’ll take it over the $90 annual fee for sending them a check)

Quick, easy, and efficient. And I still have a copy of the entire solar lease.

If you are looking for tools to help automate, start with these:

  • DocuSign
  • Adobe eSign
  • HelloSign

If you are stuck on how to automate this or anything else, please reach out to me – 860.899.1861 or [email protected].