Is it a Communication or Technology Breakdown?

It’s easy to blame an inanimate object. It’s harder to blame yourself.

Trying to get a laptop, smartphone, an app or website to do what you need it to do can be infuriating at times. Getting upset, getting frustrated are definitely part of the process. But, at no point during the process does someone step back and ask, “Is what I am trying to do something that this device was built for in the first place?”

Recently, we’ve been contacted by clients who were frustrated because they were having problems with the technology we were managing for them. To resolve the situation, we took a step back and had some long conversations with the client. What we found was that the technology needed to do some specific things, but those things were not communicated before implementation.

Thus, the actual problem was not a breakdown in technology, but a breakdown in communication. Once everyone was able to understand that, the problem was resolved quite easily.

Getting to the root of a problem is the best way to fix it. But how do you know if you are at the root? Or if you haven’t dug deep enough yet?

The answer is to just keep digging.


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