Tips For Effective Smartphone & Tablet Security

smartphone security tipsEmployees at businesses of all shapes and sizes take home the keys to their companies every night. Virtual keys, that is.

Smartphones and tablets are gateways into a business. The devices that parents give to their kids during dinners out to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet can also open up a company to any kind of breach or attack. If you allow employees to access email, company files, or any other type of information via a smartphone or tablet, whether it was purchased by you or whether they own it, you need to make sure you have strong security protocols and policies in place.

While having access to email and files from anywhere can be incredibly convenient, that convenience comes at a price.

The ability to wipe devices remotely when they are lost or stolen, controlling what information is available and accessible via a mobile operating system, and establishing protocols that individuals must follow if they want to access company information on their smartphones and tablets are just a few approaches that can help save you time and money.

Lock your virtual doors now, before it’s too late.

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