Top 5 Security Concerns for Small Business Owners

Many people look at security as a binary issue — either you are or you aren’t. But in reality, security is more like 50 Shades of Grey.

Security can cover a lot of different areas of a business, ranging from physical security to information security. Here are the top five conversations you should be having about your security policies and procedures.

  1. Remote access for your employees. Is your network properly secured? Is there an alerting process in place? Do you have password lockouts in place?
  2. Security awareness training. How equipped do you think your employees are to deal with malicious emails and websites?
  3. Server policy management. Are the servers configured to modify for incorrect behavior?
  4. Backups. At a minimum you should have some form of backup plan. At best, you should have a full-fledged Disaster Recovery plan. Simple as that.  Backups are great for the occasional “Whoops – I just deleted that folder.”  What about when ransomware runs through your entire server? What about other “I hope that never happens to my office” moments you hear about online? Get a Disaster Recovery plan. Some of my clients are saying their insurance companies are mandating them.
  5. Security guard. Think about every security guard, stationed at every reception desk in every corporate building. They walk the premises, check locked doors, make sure people are authorized to get in – it’s a continuous cycle of security. Don’t ever let your guard down. Security is a moving target, and someone needs to keep an eye on it.

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