System Optimization

This section is not for the faint of heart – system optimization really only excites the folks who like to see 1% improvement (which is usually milliseconds difference – but enough to mean improvement happened).

There are countless ways to optimize the system – and in this example, it’s not the computer system we are talking about. We do not make mention of using a disk tool to make your hard drive faster, we are talking of the system, in this case as the business system.

Bad Money after Good
Does it seem like you keep dumping money into your business technology just to keep it running and it only provides the basic services to support your operations?

Businesses that switch platforms (Salesforce for Zoho or Quickbooks for Freshbooks), usually don’t have a reason – they do it because they are tired of the system not working, or get bad customer service. Without getting into the particulars as for the switch; there are equally reasons to stay with what you have.

You’ve already invested time, money and resources into learning this system – if it can do 80% of what you need; you owe it to yourself to find ways to make it work and get creative with the last 20%.

There is depth to some of the applications in your business that you haven’t even tapped into – I guarantee you have untapped potential, that you’ve already paid for, sitting unused in your technology inventory.

No reason to throw away bad money after good.

Find efficiencies
Does your staff perform inefficient and manual tasks when providing service to your clients or producing your product?

Do you really even know the answer to this? In most service based businesses, even with manufacturers and non-profits, once the process is out there; it’s challenging to make sure it’s being followed. Most people are not inspecting that the process is being completed properly, every time – it’s just expected that it is.

This is something that can help on the business improvement journey – review process and see how technology can shorten the number of steps, time, number of people that need to touch something.

Scheduled Onsite Infrastructure Visits.
Having someone with expertise, or an eye for infrastructure anomalies is important to making sure your onsite equipment is performing properly.

Proactive security scans.
Regular scheduled maintenance is key, for systems that run 24/7. Periodically check to see how well the chain link fences and other protections are working.

Process Improvement Workshop.
If you don’t have time to find efficiencies, or you’re not quite sure how to move these forward. Invest in time to have a tech expert identify how technology can save you minutes or touches.

Create, Customize and Deliver Process.
Most growing companies do not have much for process in terms of technology systems. Creating a process to onboard new users, or to deactivate them provides the companies the best experience.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

“Difficult situation, happy to have Chris on our team!  Thanks for all of your support.  Your team has been outstanding (as always).”

“I’m glad to be using NIW – I hear horror stories of bad customer service and excuses from my clients about their IT and I’m saying – you should be working with Now IT Works.”

“While you can get technology from a number of places, the key element is who is delivering the service?  We just found that the commitment for delivering the product was there they have the technology, they have the skills”

“Working in a partnership allows us to increase our efficiencies within the office and make sure that everything is up to date and it really helps us to plan our road-map as to where we are going.”

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